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  • January 17th, 2016
  • Service Youth 

Service by youths to the earthquake victims

On 1st of January2016, the youth wing of the SSSON served mattresses and blankets to 600 households of four different wards of Gumdi VDC at dhading district, 148.8 km away from Kathmandu.  The place was just 58.8 km away from the highway. But, because of the dangerous and rough terrain, it took them almost 8 hours to reach there.  The 11 non sai youth accompaning them in the service activity, were highly inspired and encouraged to be part of it. The beneficiaries, hard hit by the massive earthquake of 2015 were touched and thanked Bhagvan Baba for his warm love.

Similarly the 21 sai youth volunteers after a 9 hours difficult journey served    827 households of Ghumba VDC of Sindhupalchok, with mattresses and blankets on 16 January 1016. This place is also crually hit by the massive earthquake of 2015. The people of this VDC are Living in a temporary shelter and struggling with the chill weather. They felt much relieved when they received warmth of Bhagvan Baba’s love through his youths.

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