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Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Satrasaya Phant, Tanahun

The Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project provides drinking water to 154 families of Satrasayaphant, situated in the hilly regions of Tanahun district. The inhabitants of the area have long been forced to depend on an antiquated water supply system of inadequate capacity and poor quality. An evaluation indicated that a new project would be cheaper to construct than to renovate the existing system. Hence the new project was launched.

The project, foundation stone of which was laid by the chairman of the Sri SathyaSai Central Council Nepal on November 12, 2009 was jointly inaugurated by Dr. Ravindran Menon, Zonal Chairman, Zone 4 of Sri Sathya Sai International Organization and Dr. Art Ong Jumsai, Director of Institute of Sathya Sai Education Thailand. Youth of SSSION were actively involved to work as Seva Dal members during the construction work.

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Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Chhinchu, Surkhet

SSSON launched another Community Drinking Water Project on 25th of July 2012 in Chhinchu village of Surkhet District, 580 km west of Kathmandu. The project that serves directly around 115 households, 208 students and teachers of a community school in diverse location was completed in seven months. “Life has become way easier with the continuous flow of Sai Baba’s water in our locality,” remarked one of the beneficiaries. Before the construction of this project by SSSON, people had to tread nearly one kilometer along arduous land to fetch a pot of water.

Considering the altitudinal variation of the project area and to maximize the coverage of beneficiaries, the project was dispersed in three different sites in the same area. All the three sites were separately inaugurated on the same day, where each inaugural ceremony commenced with the chanting of Omkar and Brahma Gayatri, and concluded with Mangal Aarati. This apart, at each site additional services in the form of Bhagawan’s love were humbly offered to the local populace.

Drinking_water_Chhinchu_1 Drinking_water_Chhinchu_2 Drinking_water_Chhinchu_3
Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project Irautar

The SSSO Nepal, realizing an opportunity of extending Swami’s Love to such rural folks, has been constructing SSS Community Drinking Water Projects in the past. One such project was undertaken, foundation stone of which was laid on Avatar Declaration Day, 20 October, 2014. Having completed the construction, it was inaugurated on 7 June, 2014. The project serves 335 families of very sparsely populated large hilly area using total 12,000 metre pipe length. The project implementation was planned in a way that involved large number of Sai volunteer workers. Altogether 1214 man days (unskilled) volunteers were involved. Initially when the villagers saw the Sai volunteers (for them – white coloured city dwellers) working for them as labour, they refused to let them work for them and started working in place.

The impact of this seva project was conspicuous with villagers later greeting every one with “Sai Ram”. The people were so keen to start Sai centre there that about twenty youth and adults learnt Sai bhajan singing and have started conducting bhajan regularly since the construction started in March, 2014. Above all, Swami blessed the work with streaks of Bibhuti appearing on His hair in one of the photos at the altar.

On inauguration day, the local villagers sang Sai bhajan for more than one hour. In few months’ time, once mature we hope to convert this bhajan unit into a centre.

1.Mr Maskey, Chairman, Central Council, doing inauguration pooja 3.Sai Seva Dal and local School Children Praying before starting work 4.Praying before starting work 5.Daring Sai Women at work
 6.National Seva Coordinator curing the Casting  7.Male Seva Dal at Work I  8.Local people  replacing Sai Seva Dal
Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Arghakhachi

SSSON started the biggest water project in Balcote village of Arghakhachi district of western Nepal. The beneficiaries of this water project are 3300 people or 542 households.  502 students of 4 government schools would also benefit from this project. The foundation stone has been laid and will be completed within next 2-3 months. Pipeline of 19 km runs from Modi river to the water project.

Arghakhachi Water Project

Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Baraha
Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Baluwa, Kavre

SSSON started the biggest water project in Panchkhal-10 of Kavre district. The beneficiaries of this water project are 192 households and 700 students of Azad higher secondary schools. The foundation stone was laid on 3rd February 2016 on Basant Panchami Day.

Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project, Saigram, Khalte

The SSSON has constructed 22 houses and one Sadhana Bhavan at this place after the devastating earthquake that raked all the houses of the hamlet. Recently, geological changes underneath resulting due to the earthquake has caused drying of the spring water source which was the mainstay of this hamlet for drinking ware. The SSSON will construct a Water Supply at this hamlet.

Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Shyangme, Dhading

This is the eighth Water Project foundation stone of which has been just laid down. This would serve 246 households composed mostly of Chepang, a socially and economically deprived tribal community. Barring them, all other surrounding inhabitants composed mostly of elite castes have access to drinking water. This truly goes with Swami’s saying, “God is for one who does not have anybody”. The project would have a holistic approach. Besides providing drinking water, the project would have Education, Hygiene and Sanitation, Spiritual components. The project is being implemented under the leadership of youth wing of SSSON Nepal. The project has been adopted as a zone 4 initiative with youth in the lead.


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