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  • January 28th, 2023
  • Council Golden Jubilee 

Orientation Program – Dharan

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization Nepal (SSSSON), has decided to celebrate Golden Jubilee Celebration of it’s establishment throughout the year 2023 with much reverence and fervor. The theme adopted is “GRATITUDE: 50 YEARS AT THY LOTUS FEET”. The program was inaugurated in Kathmandu on 10 December, 2022 amidst a congregation of 3200 jubilant and euphoric devotees coming from various parts of the country.

Following this, SSSSON has planned regional level Orientation Programs (OP) to office bearers at five places in the country. The first of such OPs was organized at Sri Sathya Sai Centre Dharan for office bearers of state 1A and 1B on 30 – 31 December, 2022. The 2 days’ program, attended by 515 office bearers and devotees, was preceded with peace rallies, emanating from different parts of the city led with Bal Vikash Children and devotees clad in local cultural costumes holding placards of Swami’s quotations. Reminiscences of various senior devotees of good old days took the participating devotees into a different level. Senior office bearers of SSSSON highlighted the major initiatives of organization for 2023. Participants were divided into various groups for group discussions who later presented their opinions on the implementation on the thematic programs.

Golden Jubilee and Orientation Program Dharan