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Sri Sathya Sai Education (SSSE)

“Of all types of knowledge and education, spiritual education and spiritual knowledge is the highest and most superior one. Any education which is devoid of spirituality cannot be called education” –Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Why Bal Vikas?
  • To draw out the goodness latent within the child;
  • To develop the ability to discriminate between right and wrong;
  • To enable the child to know himself;
  • To help to manifest in daily life human values inherent in human beings.

SSSE aims to develop the five aspects of a human personality in keeping with five universal human values. This is essential in the development of character.

The Table below depicts the relationship between the Five Human Values and Five aspects of human personality.

Five Human Values Five domains of human personality
Truth (Sathya) Intellectual
Right Conduct (Dharma) Physical
Peace (Shanti) Emotional
Love (Prema) Social
Non-violence(Ahimsa) Spiritual

These values are explored both through interactive teaching methods as well as through contemplative practices. On the whole, these activities enable children to develop positive attitudes and raise their levels of self-awareness and creativity. The basic teaching techniques are as follows:

  1. Silent Sitting/Meditation
  2. Prayer/Quotations
  3. Story Telling
  4. Group Singing
  5. Group Activities

This program, initiated by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 1969 was implemented first time in Nepal in mid seventies. Bal Vikas classes are held in such a way that they do not demand excessive time out of the regular academic schedules of the school. These classes are held once a week, mostly Saturday (weekend) morning.

Other annual educational activities include:

  1. Scholarships for talented and needy students;
  2. Educational tours;
  3. Parenting;
  4. Cultural programs;
  5. Participation in sporting and extra-curricular activities at the regional and national levels;
  6. Rallies by Bal Vikas students;
  7. Service Activities by Bal Vikas students and
  8. Bal Vikas teachers’ training.


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