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  • January 10th, 2023
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Village Service Program – Syangme

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Nepal (SSSSON) has been constructing Community Drinking Water Projects at rural areas. So far, eight such projects have been completed. The project is designed in a holistic manner with focus on spiritual development in the area. As a result invariably in all these project areas Sai centres have sprung.

One of such project areas, Shyangme, where there are Christians, Sri Sathya Sai State Committee 3A organized a special program to celebrate Christmas with the villagers.  

The program included Special Bhajan, Omkaram, Nagarsankirtan, Video Presentation on His Life, Satsang with Villagers, Bal Vikash Classes and Technical Monitoring of Drinking Water Project. Narayan Seva was conducted for 575 villager Narayans. This is a totally dalit area where the day starts with drinking alcohol. With the constant hammering with Vedantic programs, the villagers are gradually adopting to new lives whereby some of them have given up alcohol drinking. The attendance of nearly 150 children and seniors at the Omkaram and Nagarsankirtan was a fiesta to the eyes.

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