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  • April 11th, 2017
  • Council Ladies Reports Service 

March 2017 Report

Interaction programme for Office bears of SSSION 3/ 3-4 /2017

A two day interaction programme of the senior office bearers of SSSION, national coordinators, regional chairpersons, and regional coordinators was organized at ISSEN, Tokha on March 3-4, 2017. 93 office bearers attended the programme. This programme was mainly designed to make office bearers aware of their duties and responsibilities in their particular fields and clear the doubts and querries about the working pattern of the organization. All the attendees were very appreciative of the programme and felt that programme as such would be helpful in making them aware as well as clear  of their duties and responsibilities in their respective fields in the organization. They felt recharged and energized by the participatory approach of the programme. They got opportunity to talk freely and understand many more unknown facts. The programme came to an end with Bhagava’s mangal aarati.

Women leadership programme 3/8/2017 

March 8, on the holy ocassion of International Women’s Day, SSSION women wing organized women leadership programme in national level at Narayanchaur, Kathmandu.  600Women devotees and 30 men devotees from Sri Sathya Sai bhajan groups and centers of different parts of the country and attended the programme. The talks in the programme covered subjects like, Role of women in SSSION, Ideal Sai women as per Baba, Balancing home and organizational service work,Food and other habits, Interaction and Experince sharing with each other  etc. The programme came to an end with mangal aarati of Bhagavan baba. The women devotees liked and felt energized and recharged by the talks. They suggested that SSSION should organize such programme as this once a year so that they would feel swami’s love and his presence all the time.

 MEDICAL CAMP 3/14-20/2017

Sri Sathya Sai International Organization United Kingdom (SSSIO UK) in collaboration with SSSIO Nepal jointly conducted a series of medical camps in Nepal from March 14th to March 20th.  A two-day medical camp was organized at Kavrepalanchowk district on March 14th and 15th.  One-day medical camps were organized at Kathmandu, Chitwan and Kaski districts on March 16th, 18th and 20th respectively.  A group of 60 volunteers (including doctors, pharmacists, clinical technicians and general volunteers) flew in from the UK to Nepal for the event.  SSSIO Nepal provided a total of 59 doctors, 133 medical interns as interpreters, 3 pharmacists and 22 clinical technicians.  The medical services consisted of general check-up, dentistry, optometry, gynecology, oncology, pediatric, otolaryngology (ENT), orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, and cardiology.  Pathology services were also provided in special labs setup at each camp.  Medicines were distributed to the patients for free.  During the 5 days of the camp, a total of 8071 patients were attended to, with 184 patients referred for further clinical checkups and or treatment.  Ultrasound was performed on 56 patients, ECG on 344 patients and 92 patients underwent various pathological tests.  A total of 196 eyeglasses were handed out to patients by optometrists.  Over the period of five days, at least 9000 people (including patients, doctors, and volunteers) were served with free lunch as part of Narayan Seva.

The UK team of doctors and volunteers paid a visit to a number of ongoing service projects being run by SSSIO Nepal.  In Kathmandu, the team took a tour of Sri Sathya Sai Health Service Center which provides various clinical services and medicines for free.  In Chitwan the team stopped by the girls’ orphanage and spent some time with the children.  Later they dropped in to inspect a new building in construction that is owned by SSSIO Nepal.  The girls will be moved from the current rented property to this new building once it is completed.  In Pokhara they visited the boys’ orphanage, recently started by SSSIO Nepal with 3 boys.  In Pokhara the team also stopped by Sri Sathya Sai Vidyashrama to hand over tables, chairs, various outdoor play kits (see-saws, slides, etc.) and a projector all sponsored by SSSIO UK.  SSSIO Nepal is currently running both the boy’s orphanage and the school on a rented property.  Through generous land donation of Sai devotees in Nepal, SSSIO Nepal has already acquired its own land for both the orphanage and school.  In Pokhara, the team also took a tour of Sri Sathya Sai Health Service Center.  SSSIO UK donated 15 heart valves to Gangalal Hospital in Kathmandu meant for poor patients.  The director of the hospital expressed his gratitude to Sri Sathya Sai Organization for this invaluable donation and also hoped that this tripartite cooperation between SSSIO UK, Nepal and the Gangalal Heart Center would blossom in future.

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