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  • March 5th, 2017
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February 2017 Report

Hospital service

SSSION has started its helpdesks in two government hospitals of Kathmandu. Four Sai volunteers provide service to the OPD patients at each hospital.

At Tilganga Eye Center the volunteers serve from 08.00 to 12.00 and help the patients to get ready for Cataract operation and take them to the operation theatre.  After the operation they take patients to the Post-Operative Ward. There they help to change and get them ready to return home.

The patients and authorities of the eye hospital are very much satisfied by the love and service of SSSION volunteers.

At Kanti Children Hospital the SSION volunteers serve from 08.00 to 14.00 hrs and make queue, give tokens, and make sitting arrangements to those patients who get the token and take them to their doctors. The SSION volunteers take care of the sick children when their parents are engaged in the OPD works. They also take care of the other children who come with their parents at the help desk. The loving service of SSION volunteers have received love and respect from the parents and relatives of the sick children.

The hospital authority is so much impressed with the service work that it has awarded the SSSION with a letter of appreciation.


New Center 1/2/2017

A new Center was inaugurated at Baluwa, Kavre district (Region 3) on 1 February 2017 with initial count of 70 members. With the addition of this center there are 210 Sai centers in Nepal. The program started with omkaar, suprbhatam and later followed by a rally. People carried Bhagvans photo circumamberating the area singing bhajans.later they placed that photo on the main alter of the Sadhana Bhawan. Bhajan continued for an hour. At the end mangal aarati was performed by the National president of the SSSION. Prasadam were distributed to more than 1100 people.


Interaction Program February 10-11/2/2017

Two days’Interaction Program for the Office Bearers of Region 3 of SSSION was organised at Kathmandu on Feb 10-11, 2017. 93 Office Bearers attended the program. The talks/ worshops in the program were focused on the Operational Guidelines which covered topics such as “Organization and Operational Guidelines”, “Spiritual Development and Organizational Activities” “Membership, Responsibility and Functions of Different Positions and Units”, “Organizations policy and programs for 2017″, “Central Trust and Financial Operations” and “Organizational Relations, Record Keeping and Reporting”.


Medical Camp 4/2/2017

SSSION organized a medical camp at lamsure, Hetaunda on February 4, 2017. 9 cardiologists and 9 nurses from a Government Cardic Center of Kathmandu provided heart checkup to 1051 patients including 321 ECO test.


Handover of the keys 12/2/2017

SSSION has built toilets on the bank of river Narayani at Devghat for the pilgrims.Thousands of pilgrims who come for holy bath in Narayani River use these toilets at Devghat. Pilgrims in general and women in particular felt very comfortable by this service.

The service is further extended by the construction of toilets and bathrooms near the electric crematorium in the premises of the Holy Pashupatinath temple at Kathmandu. Lack of those services were felt by the relatives and friends of deceased who had difficulty while waiting for their turn to cremate.In addition to these SSSION is also constructing a hall (shelter place) for the funaral groups to protect themselves from heat and rain. Amongst the veda chanting the Chairperson of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust Nepal handed over the keys of the toilets and bathrooms to the member secretary of Pashupati Development Trust on February 12, 2017.The member secretary, in his short speech expressed his gratitude to Bhagvanand wished to work with SSSION in future also. The program attained by 30 people came to an end with the Mangal aarati by the member secretary of Pashupati Development Trust.


Narayan Seva to express Gratitude to Bhagawan 19-20/2/2017

Inhabitants of Balkot, a remote village of Western Nepal expressed their gratitude to Bhagawan Baba for providing them the rarest thing of their life, water in their area on 19 February 2017. The day began with Omkaar, suprabhatam, Veda Chanting in the newly constructed Sadhana Bhawan at the same place.It was followed by a rally circumamberating all the 4 wards,where the water isprovided, with Bhagvan Baba’s photo kept in a chariot. People happily walked singing bhajans and carrying the chariot turn by turn. Children of 4 schools and the inhabitants of the 4 wards were present in the rally. The place was decorated with festoons and looked as if they were celebrating a great festival. After the rally they kept the photo in alter and continued the bhajans for some time. Then there was a public meeting where a senior officer of the SSSION gave a talk on life, work and message of Bhagavan Baba to the huge gathering. The programme came to an end with the mangal aarati. More than 3500 Narayans of that area were served with lunch for two continuous days. The people of that village have named the water as ‘Sai Ram Water’ and the place as ‘Saisthan’.


Shivaratri festival 24/2/2017

MahaShivaratri was celebrated on 24 February 2017 by Sai Centers throughout Nepal with the usual devotional fervor.Most of the Sai Centers kept an all night vigil by performing non-stop akhanda bhajans for 12 hours starting at 6 PM and continuing until 6 AM of the next day. This year, more than a million devotees both from India and different parts of Nepal throng the Pashupatinath temple on this auspicious day to pay their homage to Sri Rudra.The temple premise was crowded neck to neck on the day and devotees had to queue for hours at an end to catch a glimpse of the Shiva Linga, the Sanctum Sanctorum.

SSSIO Nepal conducted the medical camp and water distribution nearPashupatinath temple. During the medical camp, a team of 43 members including doctors and paramedical staffs provided service to 550 patients. Water Distribution consisted round the clock serving by SSSION volunteers to the devotees standing in a queue. Blood donation Camp was also organized on this holy day near the medical camp and 92 pints of blood were collected.

Including this camp SSSION has been able to collect 213 pints of blood in the month of February, 2017.


SSSEHV Training 26-27/2/2017

Two days SSSEHV trainings for the 76 government and private school teachers were organized by the Institute of Sri Sathya Sai Education Nepal at Biratnagar on February 26 and 27, 2017.

The program was successful in penetrating the heart of the teachers. The Chief of local chapter of National Center for Educational Development (NCED), who was the chief guest said in his opening address to the teachers that this sort of training will be helpful in energizing their teaching profession.He said that by integrating HumanValues in education teachers will be able to eradicate the present degradation of values in the society and imbibe the rich ancient values.All the teachers were very appreciative of the program with comments that they received many teacher training programs but training as such was the first ever in their life. One of the participants, who was also the principal of a school told that he declared holiday on these two days and brought all his teachers in the training.He also said that being the head of institution he had conducted many in house training programmes to the teachers but was not able to convey the message as such in them.Although he was not a sai devotee, he was very grateful toBhagvan for providing such a wonderful opportunity to participate in this program.Another participant said that with money in hand one can receive trainings as one wishes but to get this training one needs his/hergood fortune. The programcame to an end with Mangal Aarati by two participant teachers.


Public outreach program 28/2/2017

SSSION organized a public outreach programme with the title,” Sai Adarsha(Sai Ideal)” at Biratnagar on 28 February 2017.The programme started with Omkaar, Gayatri and offering flowers to our beloved Bhagvan Baba. The advent of sai avataar, His life, His works, His messages, and His miracles were discussed in the program.Swami showed his presence when One of the young adults, a sai devotee told his story of miraculous recovery from Heart ailment. The doctors in the Christian Medical Hospital in Velor, India had told him that he could not live more than three years. On the last day of that dead line he had a excessive pain; he cried and prayed to Sai intensly. At that time what he asked with the lord was to grant him death not life. Where the science ends spirituality begins. When the doctors fail the lord steps in.He slept after some time. And lo!Bhagvan Baba appeared in his dream and said,’ you go to Velor for treatment. But why don’t you come to me?’ He managed to reach prashanti anyhow. But the lord was not there. He was at Whitefield. He went to the SSSS Specialty Hospital Prashantigram for checkup.The doctors told him that he had a hole in the heart. They told him to come the following day. The following day before going to hospital he offered insense to lord ganesha and prayed to the father through him. There he suffered from severe coughing. Then he went to the hospital.After checkup the doctor told him to come in the afternoon. He was called in the conference room and there were many cardiologists. They said to him what he did the previous day and before coming to them.He was shocked because the only thing he did was pray to god and lit insense in the morning to Ganesha. Then the doctor disclosed his miraculous recovery.The Lord had cured his disease not with the medicine, not by operation or by vibhuti but simply through the prayer and severe cough. The doctors’ doctor did his work.The doctor told him that his heart was stronger and healthier than his heart.After some time of this miraculous recovery he went to Prasaanti Nilayam.When he was in the darshan line at front in the first row the compassionate Lord came to him and stood before him.The sevadal who was sitting with him restricted the devotees from doing padnamaskar,so he could not move or bend his body.But when the Lord wishes what can the poor sevadal do? The lord played another leela. He mercifully inserted his feet under his lap, seeing this he could resist no longer and with tears of gratitude flowing from his eyes he did padnamaskar.Lord placed his hands on his head and went away. Now he is healthy with a wife and two beautiful daughters living happily. When he was telling his beautiful story none of the eyes were dry. He stood in front of the gathering as the live example of His Mahima, His leela and His miracle. Every one present there felt grateful to swami for his love and compassion for His people. About 85 non sai devotees and 55 sai devotees were present in the programme. The programme came to an end with mangal arati of Bhagvan by two non Sai devotees.