Established in the early 1970s with the objective of enabling people to discover their innate divinity and develop faith in God, the Sri Sathya Sai International Organization Nepal (SSSION) now comprises a total of 219 Centers and groups, across the country. The organization is involved in devotional activities to quench the thirst of spiritual seekers, educational activities to assist in the character development of the children and help adults in practicing values in daily life through Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values program and various service activities to help and serve the needy.

In other words, SSSION endeavors to assist the seekers in their quest for Prashanti, the inner peace. Prashanti is the foundation upon which worthy thoughts develop and “flower” leading one to good actions and the realization of one’s true potential. Assisting the individual’s efforts for the attainment of this realization through the paths of Devotion, Education and Service is one of the primary objectives of the organization.

Membership and Codes of Conduct

The membership of the organization is free of cost. Members are encouraged in the various activities of the organization. Every member of the organization is encouraged to undertake Sadhana (Spiritual discipline) as an integral part of his/her daily life and abide by the following Codes of Conduct:

  1. Daily meditation and prayer.
  2. Devotional singing with family members once a week.
  3. To encourage children of the family to participate in Sai Spiritual Education (BalVikash) program of the center.
  4. Participation at the Center’s Bhajan at least once in a month.
  5. Participation in community service work organized by the center.
  6. Regular study of Sai literature.
  7. Practice placing a ceiling on desires and utilize the savings for service to mankind.
  8. The use of soft, loving speech with everyone.
  9. Not speaking ill of others, especially in their absence.